1Win Responsible Gambling Rules for Users from the Philippines

1Win is a trusted all-in-one platform that is allowed in many jurisdictions and operated under the Curacao license. Thus, it strictly adheres not only to KYC/AML but also to Responsible Gambling rules.

The platform offers an impressive game library with 11,000+ titles, thousands of sports betting events daily and a diverse bonus program for newly registered and regular players. However, it is critical to always remember about gambling addiction and all the risks it may bring.

Understanding of Gambling Addiction

When players and gamblers stop considering their activity as something serious, start to neglect budget management, ignore time limits and more, they may get into the trap of gambling addiction. 

It is a serious problem with multiple manifestations and social and psychological elements. For example, it may be presented in the form of a compulsive desire to keep playing, which is hard to overcome, depression, mood swings, increased irritability and more. 

Such conditions may cause serious mental problems, destruction of social ties, and other consequences that can be cured only with the help of professional therapists. 

1Win Responsible Gambling Policy

In order to detect problems gamblers and bettors, the 1Win constantly checks users’ activity on their accounts. During this process, it uses proprietary algorithms that consider different input data, from bet sums to the time spent on the page and the fast sports market changing.

One of the main options within the 1Win Responsible Gambling policy is a ban on creating accounts for individuals under 18. For this purpose, potential clients must pass the KYC procedure and provide documents that verify their age, country of residence, banking details, etc. 

There is no specific information about the 1Win self-exclusion program. At the same time, there is an option to pause the account (with the reopen option) or close it permanently. If you decide to use this option, you must contact the customer support service, describe your case and ask to self-exclude.

1Win Test on Gambling Addiction 

In the “Responsible Gambling” section, users may find 10 questions that were designed specifically to detect the risk of gambling addiction development. All you need is to answer “Yes” or “No”:

  • Are you seriously involved in gambling or betting activity?
  • Have you noticed that your stakes in games or sports betting are constantly increasing?
  • Are you frustrated, angry, or irritated when you can not play or bet on sports?
  • Did you already borrow money to make a bet?
  • Do you often exceed the game limit?
  • Have you noticed that visiting the site spoils your reputation?
  • Do you consider playing casino games as a way to avoid problems?
  • Do you share your emotional state and experience related to betting with close ones?
  • How often do you win back?
  • Have you faced the impossibility of effectively controlling the time spent playing or betting?

If there are 5 or more “Yes”, then the probability of gambling addiction is very high.

1Win Responsible Gambling Tips 

The platform offers several effective tips that can help control behavior.

  • Consider gambling and betting activity only as a source of fun.
  • Do not try to turn playing casino games or betting into a source of income.
  • Always use strict limits (both on the sum you can bet and the time you can spend on the site) and never exceed them.
  • Never use funds that you can not afford to lose without problems.
  • Never use alcohol or drugs before gambling or betting. 

Those individuals who suspect gambling addiction may not only contact the customer support service and block their casino account but also visit specialists and ask for help. For example, there may be Gambling Therapy, GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous.